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11/15/07 05:17 pm

So it appears I can be viewed in the first 30 seconds or so of Emma Pollock's new video, "Paper and Glue".

That's me walking left to right in the long shot of the motorway overpass, and then right to left in the very next close-up shot. SEAMLESS!

I nearly got knocked over several times for this shot, I'm wearing a Morning Bride T-shirt and I'm sweating with a vengance.

11/13/07 10:58 am

I really need to get on top of LJ. I really need to get on top of a lot of things.
Like stuff. And the doing of it.

Beyond Good and Evil 1

This is a poster I did for a gig a friend of mine was playing. Knocked out quick-style in around six hours all in all. He was pleased. I wasn't thrilled, so endeavoured to do better the next time....

Beyond Good And Evil 2

The next time. Pretty pleased with this one, I have to say. The keyboard's meant to look like a pack of refreshers. The pipes are full of Cherry-ade and Irn-Bru. It makes me want to do a children's book.

Observer Comp - Unfinished

My unfinished non-entry to the Observer comp. Needs another panel, text and colour.

4/16/07 03:51 pm

How does one send a PM to other LJ users?

I know this one's obvious.....

3/15/07 01:04 am

Here's a concept drawing for a stip for Wasted, Jamie and Alan's upcoming anthology magazine.

Was that wrong of me?

3/8/07 02:59 am

Here's my shot at the supergirl meme of the day. Bright, upbeat, Summery and carefree's the idea. It was good fun to sit around and have a play about with. For something so simple, I found the pencilling a total pain in the arse on this and had to wrestle with the page for ages but I'm fairly pleased with the result.

11/20/06 02:10 pm

So that's my last page of ASS flatted and sent of to Jamie.

It's been a weird few months. As far and away my favourite comic on the shelves, produced by my favourite creative team, it's a bit of a head-fuck to go from having no connection to it whatever to hellping out on it in a matter of weeks. One wee thing twists, everything turns on it's head and suddenly you find yourself somewhere completely different to where you were five minutes ago.

There should be more Jamie Grants in the world. I've known the guy for a matter of months, but the level of trust he's given me is kind of humbling. He has a very similar view of interacting with people as I do. Listen more than talk. Judge people by what they do, not what they say. Give them a chance to show what they're capable of and make sure they get as much from the exchange as you do. Seems to work out for him.

I can't wait till I can see the insane magic Jamie wreaks on the pages I turned in. I've caught an unfinished glimpse and it's looking great.

Frank Quitely (aside from being such a nice, funny, familiar guy) is an insane drawing genius. That may not sound like anything new, but there's been no better way of me finding out I have everything left to learn about the craft than by working close up on his drawings. Having said that, the Digital Inking in ASS actually does no favours to his line at all.

You could get lost in a Quitely page for hours, your eyeballs pinballing around on all that bouncy negative space before being sliced into wafer on his knife-sharp pencil. They're the sort of drawings that make you a better artist for up to 48 hours since you last came into contact with them. And he makes it look so easy. That latest ASS cover (with Superman fighting Bizarro, chaos erupting all about) was drawn on a dog-eared piece of A4 printer paper. The next cover is even better, and I had the pleasure of being run through how it was built up. Though it's relatively new to him, his photoshop skill continues to mutate at a prodigious rate.

Film talk with Solid-Liquid continues to gather momentum. I won't be posting a synopsis on Barbelith of my main film idea, because I don't think it'd be a good idea for many different reasons, many of which have already been expressed by others in the documentary thread. I think I'll get back to this in another post, because I need to shower and baby-sit at the mo.

11/10/06 02:59 am

So tomorrow I'm meeting up with Solid-liquid onwards from Barbelith to talk movie. He's from Dundee and he's been involved in making an Indiana Jones fan-movie called Treasure of the Templars (www.treasureofthetemplars.com).

The script I'm writing's been in gestation for about four years or so now. Gotten mid-way through several drafts and never any further because I've always shied away from actual organisation and stuff. No longer. Brand New Mac came with great outlining software, which I've been hitting hard in the hopes of finally pushing this fucker out the door.

So anyway, I'd had the main idea for a wee while, but it was during the year I spent in Dundee that the whole thing mutated and kicked into gear. It's a pretty complex beast, but is confined to only six major locations, which are pretty-much all interior sets. The only, one location that I've always had my heart set on is the telescope room of a public observatory (http://www.dundeecity.gov.uk/mills/scopes.htm) in Dundee. We went there one night, back in studenty days. It's on the edge of an old Graveyard and you have to cross a bridge between two hills to get there.

Turns out S-L O lives only five minutes walk from this very location. -ahem- The stars must be aligned.

In other news, Jamie Grant and the assorted bastards at Hope Street Studios have hooked me like a fish on Battlestar Galactica and I'm downloading at insane speeds right now. You're gonna want to hit me, John. I have no time for this, never mind the Wire too now.

Feeling tip-top at the moment. Everything keeps falling right in to place, like I knew it would if I kept up the Zen-like assurance. Still, it's knocked me on my arse a bit, and now I'm having to relearn what it's like to talk about stuff, put ideas out there and generally have forward momentum.
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